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You’re in the right place if you want to take the “diet” out of eating plant-based, so that you can feel empowered living your best life. This space is for overcoming food fears, re-establishing trust between your mind and body, AND confidently honoring your health through flexible plant-based nutrition, whether that’s going all in with plant-forward eating or just dipping your toes in.

Let me guess. You don't know where to start...

I get it. I used to be in your shoes.

I watched an attention-grabbing documentary on plant-based nutrition and was in such ‘awe’ of the benefits that I decided to go all in… until going all in meant I became so obsessed with restricting foods that I didn’t live a life outside of meal planning, prepping, and tracking every morsel of food I ate. 

I'm here to tell you...

that you can still eat a plant-forward diet without taking joy away from your every day life. Actually, I want to show you how to ADD joy into your plant-forward lifestyle. Let me show you how to honor your health without obsessing over every thing you eat. You can still get the benefit of eating more plant foods without saying ‘good-bye’ to your favorite foods.

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Get the Support You Need

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Highly individualized support & accountability to reach your health goals.

Group Coaching Program

My 12-week signature group program to learn plant-based eating without dieting.

Employee Wellbeing

Improve company wellness culture through virtual & on-site wellbeing services.

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My signature group coaching program

Plant Based Food Freedom

Confidently nourish your body with a flexible plant-based approach. Through this proven framework, you’ll learn exactly how to nourish your body without every going on another diet ever again. Enjoy learning alongside a like-minded group of compassionate humans.

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5-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan for Non-Dieters

Ready to try eating plant-based? Grab this 5-day meal plan full of flexible plant-forward meals & snacks.

The 3 P's of Going Plant-Based Without Dieting

Start your plant-based journey with this 3-day video training series.

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